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Classification Badges

    First class




Classification badges show a cadet’s progress through the academic syllabus. Classifications are a measure of the knowledge and ability of a cadet, and are often used as requirements to participate in activities.

Cadets qualify through continuous assessment of their log books for first class, or completion of exams using for Leading, Senior and Master levels.

Air Cadet Leadership Badges

 Blue Leadership

Silver Leadership

Bronze Leadership

Gold Leadership

Leadership badges are worn by cadets who have completed the appropriate level courses successfully.

Blue, Bronze and Silver levels require assessments to be completed. Gold level is achieved through either the Junior Leaders Course or the Air Cadet Leadership Course.

Radio Communications and Cyber Badges

Blue radio and Cyber awareness

bronze radio

Silver Radio

Gold Radio

Bronze Cyber

Silver Cyber

Gold Cyber

The Radio and Cyber Specialist qualifications consist of a generic initial entry level before branching into the radio and cyber training strands. 

Radio communication badges maintain the same blue flashes .

Cyber badges have different colour flashes depending on the notification.


Marksmanship badges

blue trained shot.jpg

Blue (Air Rifle) Trained Shot

bronze marksman.jpg

Bronze (Small Bore)                 Marksman

Gold competition marksman.jpg

  Silver (Service Rifle) Advanced Marksman

      Gold (Target Rifle) Competition Marksman

Colours for these badges are specific to a particular weapon system:
– Blue = Air Rifle
– Bronze = Small Bore (e.g. L144)
– Silver = Service Rifle (e.g. L98 A2)
– Gold = Target Rifle (e.g. L81)

Cadets earn badges when meeting criteria specified in the relevant manuals and by completing specific lessons. 

Only one shooting badge is to be worn and is to be for the highest level award for which the cadet is qualified, the ascending levels of precedence being trained shot, marksman, advanced marksman, and competition marksman. Annual re-qualification is not necessary.